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Some of my thoughts on what hunting the Adirondack wilderness does for the soul!

The park (click for regional view) is roughly the size of Vermont!!!
It is a 6 million acre state park in northeastern New York State that encompasses the Adirondack Mountains. Contrary to popular belief, the Adirondack Mountains videoare not part of the Appalachian Mountains.   They are actually part of the much-older Laurentian Shield of Canada. The Adirondack Park is the largest park in the continental United States (almost 3 times the size of Yellowstone National Park), and the only one in the nation with constitutional protection. About 40% (2.4 million acres)of the park is state owned and open to the public for hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities. There are large tracts of land designated "wilderness" and no motorized vehicles are allowed. So if you want to get off the beaten path....and I mean REALLY get off the path, to find some undisturbed big whitetails, the Adirondacks are for you. 

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These are some of the ADIRONDACKS bucks we've knocked down over the years.

Click below to see some of our Adirondack Bucks!

2012 buck: Jim took this buck on his birthday this year. The 9-point buck had his nose to the ground chasing a doe and Jim took a 7 yard shot from his make-shift ground blind

2012 MZ  buck:  Jim knocked down this 7 pointer on opening day of muzzleloader. 

2011 buck:  Jim slammed this 10 point river runner during the early muzzleloader season.

2011 buck:  Butch (Butcher) made quick work of this 8 pt following a doe in the depp, deep snow.

2010 buck: Mike (Grizz) grunted this love struck 206 pound buck to within 30 yards before firing!

2006 buck: Well we had a slow year for deer but had a lot of fun building our new Rack-n-Claw Hunting Camp. Jim did manage to knock down one young 4 pt though. Rack-n-Claw members Mike, Butch, Joel, Jim and Jeff. Hunting new territory required a some  away from hunting in order to scout and learn the terrain. Those big bucks better look out next year!!

2005 buck.
 Here is Danny "Bucky" Barber's completion of a 20 year quest for an Adirondack big buck! this 10 pt gives him a good reason to smile.

2004 buck.
 Meet my brother "Butch"...He took his first Adirondack buck this year, a nice ridge running 9-pointer. Way to go Butch!

2003 buck 
Mike (Grizz)was still hunting a mountain side when he caught this 8 pointer chasing a doe.

2002 bear.
 Mike (Grizz) took this bruin while looking down over a beechnut grove.

2001 bucks.
 Another great trip to the "Dacks" with two good Adirondack bucks this year! This is Jim, Mike, Joel and Ron

2001 6pt buck.  
 Mike (Grizz) stayed on this buck's tracks for two hours before Joel and he teamed up to down this nice 6 point.

2001 8pt buck.
Joel (Ogre) took this real nice 8 pt on stand right before dark.

2000 Millenium buck.
Mike (Grizz) returned after 9 years away and found a nice 8 point while still hunting in the dark timber.

1998 buck.
 Jim grunted in a deep woods 9 point on 21 Nov 98.
1998 story.

1996 buck. .. Jim took this swamp buck at 2 in the afternoon. Ron& Jim pose with the 14 point, 140 class buck, 185 lbs.
1996 buck ...another look.

1995 buck .. Jim tracked this buck down while he was with a doe and shot him while he was rising from his bed. 8 pts, dressed 205 lbs, 140 class B&C.
1995 buck. .. A closer look at look at the rack. Excuse the smile please.

1993 buck ..This is a young 4 point shot by Jim the day after Thanksgiving 1993 (Jim only had 3 days to hunt that year)

1992 buck .. "Terrible Ted",  250 lb bruiser

1990 bucks ..We got these two bucks from our base camp before 9 A.M. using deer drives. (before I started backpacking deep into the Adirondacks)




 I have also been fortunate enough to be able to hunt several other states to include:

Ohio 2012   Jerry shot this nice buck while sitting on the ground.

Ohio 2011 WATCH VIDEO. On the first morning as I pass this nice 11pt only to shoot him with one day left to my hunt.

Alabama 2010   This trip down to Alabama was a lot of fun.  Butch and Jim hunted Langford Farms.

Ohio 2010   My brother Butcher and I killed these within 5 minutes of each one 4 miles apart.

Ohio 2009  Last day of the hunt and this nice 8 came in with a doe.

Ohio 2007; Jim took this nice 9 pt on Oct 30th with a cross bow as several rutting bucks cruised the area

Ohio 2006; This wide 9 pt typical was taken by Travis with a crossbow during the rut. A game camera had captured this buck a month earlier. Travis was jumping for joy.

Ohio 2005; This 8 pt typical was taken with my Knight muzzleloader at 130 yards opening day of the Ohio late MZ season. Some early sightings by Travis and I made us aware that this buck was in the area. I never thought I would see him the first night in my climbing tree stand!

Michigan 2004;   This 210 pound 14pt non-typical was taken from a blind at 1:00 pm

Mississippi 2004;  grunted in at 7:30 a.m. Hunting with Gene and Brian

Mississippi 2003  with my good friends Jerry and Gene

Texas 2003  Catch this hunt on the Outdoor Channel "Gone Huntin"

Texas 2002  Catch this hunt on the Outdoor Channel "Gone Huntin"

Ohio 2002 & 2003 with good friends Travis, Todd and Charlie.  Todd took this nice 11 pointer (bow).

 Illinois 2001   Spot & stalk with MZ hunting with my friends Gary, Michele and Bob.

Alabama 2001 Jerry and I hunted our first Alabama rut.

Virginia, 2000 a ground blind was how this buck was dropped.

Virginia, 1999 , still hunting a steep Virginia mountain top


More trophy bucks from the Adirondacks! If you hunt the Adirondacks, e-mail your photo and I will add it to the trophy room. Hope to see you in the "Adirondack Trophy Room"


I highly recommend "A Guide to Adirondack Deer Hunting" (By Charles Alsheimer and Larry Watkins) for all hunters that plan to hunt this vast wilderness region. This book is full of great regional whitetail information. The map below shows the general whitetail population in NY.



The northeast corner of NY state is home to the Adirondack Region with less than 15 deer per sq. mile.

NY Hunting Regulations


If you are thinking about hunting the Adirondacks for the first time you know you must start with a map study. There are several companies now producing CD's with detailed topo maps. I use Toposcout, "Adirondack Region". These programs not only give you maps of the region but allow you to print maps of specific areas of your choosing and you can add symbols and a legend taylored to your needs and desires. I have also found a free on line Topo map sight.

NEW....free on-line topos!!!!


If you are a true lover of the Adirondack deep woods you'll enjoy my favorite Adirondack poem:

...."I like these old woods," said a gentleman whom I met on Racket last year; "I like them because one can do here just what one pleases. He can wear a shirt a week, have holes in his pantaloons, and be out at elbows, go with his boots unblacked, drink whisky in the raw, chew plug tobacco, and smoke a black pipe, and not lose his position in society. Now," continued he, "though I don't choose to do any of these things, yet I love the freedom, now and then, of doing just all of them if I choose, without human accountability. The truth is that it is natural as well as necessary for every man to be a vagabond occasionally, to throw off the restraints imposed upon him by the necessities and conventionalities of civilization, and turn savage for a season, and what place is left for such transformation save these northern forest?""
1857, by S.H. Hamond, The Adirondack Reader, by Paul Jamieson